Las Vegas Wall Murals for Your Home or Office Walls

My Las Vegas Wallpaper Murals make it easy for you to bring a little bit of the Sin City to any room in your home or office. They apply easily, and our revolutionary material means that future removal is a breeze. You can completely transform the look of any room in a matter of minutes! From the Vegas Strip or Freemont Street, we have everything you need to bring a little bit of Vegas home with you.

New York New York Las Vegas - Las Vegas Wall Murals | Custom Sizes and Free Ground Shipping

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All of my Las Vegas Wallpaper Murals are made right here in the USA, and come with free ground shipping on every order. Each mural is simple to install with their peel and stick setup. They are made with a revolutionary material that makes them easy to remove and rehang in another room or seasonally. I do have several customers who have a few different wall murals of mine and they will rotate them during the year. 

Paris Hotel Las Vegas - Las Vegas Wall Mural | Custom sizes and free ground delivery

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How long does it take to get my mural once I place the order?

We ship most murals within 2 to 3 business days of receiving the order. Once shipped, please allow 2 to 3 additional days for delivery to most locations in the U.S.

Luxor Las Vegas - Vegas Wall Murals | Custom sizes and free ground shipping

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How large can you print a mural?

Our murals are available in almost any size you'd like but the standard sizes are small, medium and large. If you would like a custom sized mural with your own dimensions, just contact me and we can get the custom size process started ASAP.

Will I be able to install my Las Vegas Mural by myself?

Magic Murals are very easy to install when following our detailed step-by-step instructions. An installation sheet is included in the package when you receive it. The installation guides are also available to download from our website.

Freemont Street - Vegas Wallpaper Murals | Custom sizes and free ground shipping

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If you have any questions about my Las Vegas Wall Murals, feel free to contact me

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