10 of my Favorite Magic Kingdom Photos

I have been taking photos of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park since 2006, which is when I purchased my first DSLR camera. I had previously used the early cell phone cameras, and a pocket camera too prior to that, but when I jumped into the 'real" camera realm, this hobby of mine became a real adventure.

Even though I live in Minneapolis, MN, I have averaged just over one trip a year to Walt Disney World since 2006 and to be honest, taking photos is my favorite thing to do down there. Yes, I love the rides, and the shows, and the food and the atmosphere, but taking photographs at Disney's Magic Kingdom gives me an abundance of joy.

With that said, let's start taking a look at these 10 favorite Magic Kingdom Photos of mine. These are not in any particular order, and like most of you, making a top 10 list of any subject matter could change by the day or even hour.  

This first one started as a request from my brother. I couldn't quite get exactly what he asked for, but there I was on Main Street, USA, shortly after Midnight, and capturing the clock on Main Street along with Cinderella's Castle while trying to stay out of the way of people leaving the park. I love this Magic Kingdom art so much, that I used it as the cover for my 2020 Walt Disney World Wall Calendar. 

Disney After Midnight - Large Disney Wall Art | William Drew Photography

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I can't even find the words to describe how much I love photographing the fireworks at Walt Disney World. On one of my recent trips, I tried shooting the Happily Ever After show at the Magic Kingdom from many different locations with different scenes in the photo. Obviously having Cinderella's Castle in the fireworks photos is the best, but there are so many other really cool places to see the fireworks from that I wanted to capture as many of them as possible. On the evening that I shot this, I was in the Tangled restroom area. This Magic Kingdom image of the finale of the show turned out better than I could have imagined. 

Happily Tangled Finale - Best Disney World Photos | William Drew Photography

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Once the sun has set and the sky becomes dark, the activity on Tom Sawyers Island and the Rivers of America stops. The Liberty Belle stops running, and the rafts going to and from the island stop bringing guests across the river. If it is a calm evening, the river then becomes a spectacular mirror and creates some great reflections. This Magic Kingdom photo shows both the Liberty Belle and Cinderella's Castle.

Magic Kingdom Reflections - Disney Framed Art | William Drew

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Since I am writing this blog at the beginning of September, the Halloween season is in full gear at the Magic Kingdom. The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties have started up and the park is decorated with all those Mickey Mouse Pumpkins. This Magic Kingdom pic features one of the Mickey Pumpkins and Cinderella's Castle.  

Magic Kingdom Halloween 2 - MNSSHP Photos | William Drew Photography

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This next one was one that I shot on what is probably the hottest day I have ever spent at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, it was so hot that I went into the Tomorrowland Terrace to get out of the sun and noticed the upper dining room was open. I went up there and sat by the window looking out over the park. After a few minutes of cooling down, I noticed the clouds that had popped up behind Cinderella's Castle. Without leaving the terrace, I started snapping photos and this one has become my favorite of them. To me it looks like Cinderella's Castle is in the middle of a forest and the sky just adds some drama to this Magic Kingdom picture.

Perfect Disney Day 5 - Disney Framed Wall Art | William Drew Photography

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This next picture of Disney World Magic Kingdom was given the name Best Day Ever, which is one of the more popular Disney T-shirt slogans and also the way I felt while walking down Main Street USA. The dusk sky, the lights on, the balloons down the sides of the street, and of course Cinderella's Castle. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings. It all makes for the Best Day Ever, doesn't it?

Best Day Ever - Large Disney Canvas Prints | William Drew Photography

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Another location that I have enjoyed photographing the Happily Ever After fireworks from is over by Beast's Castle. On the evening that I shot this Disney Magic Kingdom picture, I started out photographing the fireworks while next to the carousel. I took photos there for the first half of the show and then moved over to the Be Our Guest area to get this and some other photographs of the large fireworks in the sky behind Beast's Castle. This one just turned out perfectly to me. 

Beast's Castle Happily Ever After Fireworks 3 - Magic Kingdom Art | William Drew Photography

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As I mentioned above, the Rivers of America can often turn into a beautifully reflective mirror when it is a calm evening. On the evening that I shot this Disney Magic Kingdom image, the river was spectacular. I went down the river by Big Thunder Mountain and even though I rarely see any images of it, the Tom Sawyers Island loading dock was just striking in its appearance and reflection. I just had to photograph it. 

Tom Sawyers Loading Dock - Large Disney Wall Art | William Drew Photography

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Have you seen Cinderella's Castle when it is lit up in its Christmas Dream Lights? I can tell you that any photos or videos of it do not do it justice. Seeing it in person is perhaps the single most magical thing ever at the most magical place on earth. This Disney Magic Kingdom photo of mine is the one that may capture it the best, and you just can't go wrong with the reflection.

Cinderella Castle Dream Lights - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew

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And with this last one, I may as well end it with another Christmas photo. I do miss the garland that used to be strung across Main Street USA, but it is still a very magical thing being there during the Christmas season. I was up on the Main Street Train Station for this photo, looking past the Christmas tree, down Main Street, and into Cinderella's Castle while it is lit up in my favorite color, which is purple.

Disney's Magical Christmas Photograph - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

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I hope you have enjoyed my favorite Magic Kingdom photos. Want to see the entire Magic Kingdom gallery? Click the link below.


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