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Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion Reflection 2 - MNSSHP Photos | William Drew Photography

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Some of my Haunted Mansion prints have become really popular recently, so I wanted to take a little time and share some of them with you, including a little back story behind each of them. 

The purple one up above is from 2018 when I was able to visit during the Halloween season and attended a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Usually, the Liberty Belle would be docked and would be blocking the view of the Haunted Mansion. But they were doing work on the paddle boat at the time so it opened up the view for me. Of course, I love the color purple, so this really caught my eye. One of the things I love about the Rivers of America is it turns into a beautiful mirror at night when the Liberty Belle is not making waves as it travels along the river. Sure, some nights the wind is too strong and the reflection may not be there, but when it is, it's absolutely beautiful. I have another photo of this scene but when the mansion was lit up in hot pink. You can see that one here


Stormy Haunted Mansion - Disney World Images of the Haunted Mansion | William Drew Photography View this image

The one up above was taken on my most recent trip in November 2019. Now, just to be completely open and honest, that sky with the lightning was created. When I took this photo the sky was j just a dull, boring overcast sky that was all the same boring color of grey. I took this photo while on Tom Sawyers Island. I haven't been on that island for years. I had j just crossed over the bouncy barrel bridge and I loved how the mansion just lined up perfectly from this spot. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to be in this spot at night as the Happily Ever After fireworks would explode right over the Haunted Mansion from this vantage point.


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The Haunted Mansion photo above is my all-time best selling print. Well, it's actually tied with my Cherry Spoon print from Minneapolis. I shot this one back in 2013. It was my first time talking my way past a Disney Castmember in order to get a photo. I actually shot another one from right in front of the Haunted Mansion's front door, but I lost that one when my hard drive crashed a handful of years ago. I have tried recreating this one a couple of times. I have better equipment and I'm a better photographer than I was back in 2013, so I should be able to get a better shot of this, right? It hasn't happened yet. This one still remains on top.  


Disney's Yellow Haunted Mansion Halloween - MNSSHP Photos | William Drew Photography


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This is another one from Halloween during a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I have often thought of cropping this one in to just show the front bay windows area, but it's the Haunted Mansion so I have kept it as is, so far. I actually wanted to capture a few different photos at this moment as they were using many different color combinations on the mansion. But they were also using a ton of steam/smoke which made getting a good, clear photo of it pretty difficult. 


Rivers of America Reflections - Disney Artwork for Sale | William Drew Photography

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This last one includes more than just the Haunted Mansion in the photo. It also has the Liberty Belle, the Rapunzel Tower, and the mostly unused restaurant on Tom Sawyers Island. I shot this on on my birthday trip in February 2019. This was another moment when the Rivers of America were completely still and reflective as a mirror. I often find myself just staring out into these views and not worrying about getting on any rides or taking any other photos. I just want to get lost in the scenery when it looks as magical as this. 


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