A Collection of my Favorite Spaceship Earth EPCOT Prints

Spaceship Earth at Night 5 - Disney Canvas | William Drew Photography

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If you have been to Walt Disney World since 1982, you know that Spaceship Earth is the giant icon at EPCOT Center. The EPCOT globe has stood tall for 27-years now and it is still just as eye-catching as ever. It doesn't matter if it's day or night, seeing the Disney World Spaceship Earth always brings a 'Wow!' factor and a smile to my soul.

In this blog, I am going to share some of my favorite Spaceship Earth photos that I have collected over the years.

In the Spaceship Earth picture up above, it is a classic image shot from the other side of the EPCOT entrance fountain. It is a shot that I had always wanted to get and finally could when I brought the right lens to do so. Which should serve as a reminder, it is tough to do a job correctly when you do not bring the correct tools. 

The 2nd Epcot print is a shot featuring Spaceship Earth from the walkway heading towards (or from) the now retired and soon to be demolished CommuniCore West. It captures some of the palm trees in the area and also shows the queue that funnels the guests into the ride.

Spaceship Earth at Night 1 - Disney Canvas Art | William Drew Photography

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Here is a Disney Christmas photo of Spaceship Earth that I shot while on the other side of World Showcase Lagoon. You can see some of the palm trees and of course the EPCOT Christmas Tree in this print.

Spaceship Earth Epcot Christmastime - Disney Art Gallery | William Drew Photography

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My next Spaceship Earth print features the view from the entrance during the Festival of the Arts. This festival is obviously not as large as Flower & Garden or Food & Wine, but it does have Figment welcoming you to the park. 

Spaceship Earth Epcot Festival of the Arts - Disney World Images | William Drew Photography

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Next up is one of my rare vertical prints of Spaceship Earth. Similar to the first print in this blog, it features the entrance water fountain, but instead of a straight-on centered look, it gives a view from the side of the fountain. 

Spaceship Earth at Night 6 - Epcot Art | William Drew Photography

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The International Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT also includes an abundance of Disney Character topiaries around the park. At the entrance of the 2018 Flower & Garden festival were Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with Pluto and Goofy.

Spaceship Earth at Night 7 - Epcot Art | William Drew Photography

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These next group of photos are all daytime photos of Spaceship Earth. This first one is a print that I take on every trip that I make to Walt Disney World. I love getting a shot of the palm tree fronds in front of Spaceship Earth. This is my most recent version of this print.

Spaceship Earth and Palm Tree 2018 - Epcot Art | William Drew Photography

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And here is the International Food & Wine Festival Mickey and Minnie Topiaries and Spaceship Earth during the day.

Epcot Flower and Garden 5 - Epcot Spaceship Earth Photos | William Drew Photography

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My final Spaceship Earth Art Print is one from the same spot as the print above and features the set up from the International Food & Wine Festival in a nighttime photograph.

Spaceship Earth Food and Wine - Epcot Center Photos | William Drew Photography

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I hope you enjoyed all of my Spaceship Earth prints. Do you have a favorite? Tell me which one in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 


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