An Up Close Look at Disney's 50

An Up Close Look at Disney's 50 - Disney Photographs | William Drew Photography

Now that we are into March, there are only a few weeks left of the 50th Anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. 

I am certainly going to miss the way that Cinderella's Castle has looked during the celebration. Seeing the gold-wrapped castle spires and the giant 50 during the day always brought a smile to my face. Then seeing those earidescent colors dancing around the castle at night was quite mesmerizing no matter how often I saw it. 

When I took this photo, I wanted to capture all of the colors that were in that giant 50 sign that has adorned Cinderella's Castle for 18 months. I wanted to capture all the extra gold that is on the castle as well. It was all just perfect and is by far my favorite of the anniversary castles. 

My next trip is coming up in April, and I'm sure I will have some mixed feelings the first time I see the castle again. I'll miss the flair and color of the anniversary, but I'll welcome back the classic look of the castle that we all have etched in our hearts. 

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