Apprentice Mickey and the Broomsticks

Apprentice Mickey Topiary Wall Art for Sale

On a beautiful Florida afternoon, I was leaving Disney's Hollywood Studios and taking the walking path over to The Boardwalk Resort to have lunch with some friends. As I left the park the sight of the Apprentice Mickey topiary in the spot where the Christmas Tree used to go caught my eye, so I strolled over to it to take a look. When this Apprentice Mickey topiary was inside Hollywood Studios (in a spot by the Brown Derby), I had tried photographing it a few times, and never quite succeeded in getting the look that I wanted. The area was strangely empty, so I was able to take my time and get the shot I wanted to get. I ended up getting low down to the ground to get a different angle to it. Instead of a 'birds eye view', I had a 'Chip and Dales eye view'. I loved the look and I then just made sure to include the Mickey Mouse that is inside Hollywood Studios in the background as well, though it is difficult to make him out back there. I then made my way down the walkway and enjoyed a wonderful lunch along the waterfront at the Boardwalk. 

Apprentice Mickey - Disney Canvas Gallery Wrap | William Drew Photography

This photograph is available for purchase in many different media types. Including the two options shows here. A Disney Canvas Gallery Wrap, which is museum quality and comes ready to hang, and also a Disney Wall Mural! Make sure to check out the Art Gallery page to see the other options available to you! 

Apprentice Mickey - Disney Wall Mural | William Drew Photography