Big Explosions at the Great Minnesota Get Together


If you follow my photography at all, you know I love photographing fireworks. And if you know me, you know that I love going to the Minnesota State Fair. They have fireworks every night at the fair. This year I only brought my camera once. And I only photographed two subjects. I shot the fireworks, and I shot the new Giant Ferris Wheel. 

For this photo of the fireworks, I wanted to try something different than what I had been doing for my Minnesota State Fair fireworks photos. I usually find a spot in the Midway area so that I can have all of the moving and spinning lights from the Midway rides in the photos with the fireworks. This time I went over to the new West End area. I was hoping the fireworks would have shot off closer to the new Giant Ferris Wheel, but the photo didn't turn out bad at all. 

The building on the left of the photo is the...