Black Friday Sale Starts Now

Get 30% Off all art, now through Sunday, November 8th. Want a bigger discount? My newsletter subscribers get a 35% discount for this sale. 

Why am I running my Black Friday Sale now?

There are two reasons. First, the printers that I use have been affected by this pandemic and have had to run on minimal staff, so instead of 3-4 day print times, they are running up to 15-day print times. And who knows how much that will increase with the onslaught of holiday shopping. The second reason is delivery always slows down during the holidays. If you order my art on a normal Black Friday, it may take more than 15 days to print, and then you may not receive it on time to give as a gift. 

So I am running my sale now to make sure you are able to receive your print well before the holiday season rush. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!