Calming Willow Falls

Calming Willow Falls - Waterfall Art | William Drew

Willow Falls is a spectacular waterfall that is just a short drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This waterfall is located just north of Hudson, WI, so it is just across the border into Wisconin. 

There are two main paths to get to this waterfall. One path is a very easy hike, but it does not have much to look at during the hike. It is a nice path through nature, which is always enjoyable, there just isn't anything in particular that will capture your wonderment along the hike. 

Calming Willow Falls - Waterfall Wall Art | William Drew

The other path to get to the waterfall is much shorter, but it is considerably more difficult. The majority of the path is a pretty steep hill. When you are leaving the parking lot and heading to the falls, you will be going downhill, and the slope is steep enough that you need to keep your personal brakes on so you don't tumble down the path. 

Then on the way back up, it is a pretty big cardio challenge going up that steep slope. It is a paved path, but as you make your way down to the falls, you will see that most people look like they just ran a marathon. 

Whichever path you take, you still get the reward of seeing the gorgeous waterfall that you see in the images above.