Chaos and Disorder in Minneapolis

Chaos and Disorder - Minneapolis Abstract Art | William Drew

That photo you see above is nothing like I have ever shared before. It's actually just a pretty cool mistake. I was at Ridgeway Parkway Park in Minneapolis and was just starting to get my camera and tripod set up so that I could start taking some photographs of the Minneapolis skyline.

As I was placing the camera onto the tripod, I accidentally hit the shutter button. Usually, I don't even turn on the camera until I have it settled onto the tripod, and I am not even sure why I already had the camera turned on at this time. But it was on, and as I mentioned, I hit the shutter button. At the time, the camera was set up to take an 8-second exposure, so the shutter was open the entire time I was jostling the camera into place.

Even with all of the movement, you can still see the Wells Fargo Tower and IDS Center. The green light is the halo on top of the Capella Tower. You can probably find some other towers and buildings in it if you look closely enough. As far as photography goes, this just might be the most abstract photo of Minneapolis that I will ever take.  

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