Christmas on Mainstreet USA 2020

Christmas on Main Street USA 2020 - Magic Kingdom Christmas | William Drew Photography

Christmas season at Walt Disney World is always a bit more magical than normal. All of the decorations, the Christmas tree, the music, it is all so perfect.

While the look of Christmas at Disney's Magic Kingdom has changed over the years, the feeling of being there hasn't. I just spent a week at Disney World enjoying all of their Christmas magic, and returned to a rainy Minneapolis yesterday. Yeah, rain in Minneapolis in the middle of December. It's kind of odd.

Anyway, during my recent trip, I realized that we will probably never see those magical Christmas Dream lights that we all love so much. The projections are amazing, but this year they made one change to them that I think seals the fate of those ice lights that used to adorn Cinderella's Castle during the Christmas season.

That change is a new set of projections that they added to the rotation of the four different Christmas projections. That new set was nothing more than the current Anniversary Earidessant lighting. During the past two, they rotated through the four different Christmas projections, with each one being displayed for 15-minutes. Guests could see all four projections each hour of the night. Adding the Earidescent projections to the mix is a great idea for one reason. If it is someones first ever visit to the Magic Kingdom, they can now see how the castle usually looks, instead of only seeing it how it looks at Christmas. 

The reason I think that ends any hope of the Christmas Dream Lights returning is now they can do this every year. Display the different Christmas projections, but also display the regular lighting too. Hopefully they will add a set of Christmas projections that looks like the castle is adorned in those Dream Lights, as that would be perfect.

The photo you see up above is one that I took as I was heading out of the park at the end of the night during my trip in 2020. Those projections are amazing, and I love seeing them, but they certainly don't match the magic those Dream Lights had. 

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