Cinderella's Castle at Dusk Photographic Prints

Cinderella's Castle at Dusk 2 - Cinderella Castle Art | William Drew Photography

It has now been 10-months since I have been to Walt Disney World. I am sure that I am not alone in having a crazy desire to get back to our favorite vacation spot. One thing that this long layoff has affected is I am running very low on photos that I have not posted before. However, with being stuck at home much more than normal, I have been taking advantage of it by studying new photography skills and editing techniques. It has enabled me to look back at some of my older photos and reimagine them with the new skills that I have been learning. The photo up above is an example of that. I took this particular photo in February 2019, so it is not too old of a photo. I used some of the new techniques that I have learned and applied them to this photo and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out. Now, I still love the original photo, so these new skills are not an attempt for me to change my style and erase my past. They are just a way for me to be able to look at an image in more than just one way, and I can now take one image, and create different looks if I think it can use it. The benefit of this is some of you may prefer one style, and some of you may prefer the new style. Here is the way this image looked when I first posted it:

Cinderella's Castle at Dusk - Disney Castle Art | William Drew Photography

As you can see, it's the same photo, just with a new look. The new techniques that I have learned do not work on everything that I photograph, but I love that I have new ways to look at the subjects that I photograph. 

Which one do you prefer? 

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