Community Support Sale

With all of the craziness the world is going through, all of the quarantines, all of the people losing their job, all of the small businesses trying to figure out how to survive, I wanted to come up with a way to help. My first thoughts were to set up a donation on proceeds from the sales that come through. That sounded good at first, but then I realized that I have customers all over the world, and any donations that I make here in Minneapolis won't offer much help in the areas where my customers come from. 

And that brought me to the idea that stuck. I'm offering you 25% off my art, and in return, I would love if you could take those savings and share that money with your community. Go to a local restaurant, go to a local shop owner, donate to any local charities that are helping those most affected by this virus. 

Of course, the savings are yours to use as you please. I am just hoping that we can all help each other out if we are able to. 

Stay safe and let's get through all of this together. 


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