Did I Forget About Saint Paul? And Take a Look at My Disney 2018 Wall Calendar!

I live really close to the city of Minneapolis. In fact, I can see the skyline from my driveway. So I take my camera there pretty frequently. However, we are known as the Twin Cities and we also have the city of Saint Paul and all of its unique beauty. It has been a few years since I took my camera over to that fair city, so near the end of the summer, I finally took that little extra drive and took some fine art photos of Saint Paul.

I started at the High Bridge. This is a great location to see the skyline while being way above the Mississippi River. I took a handful of photos of the skyline and made sure to get some of both the State Capital and of the Cathedral of Saint Paul. After that, I went down to Harriet Island. From there I was right on the waterfront. This enabled me to get photos of the cities skyline while right on the waterfront, and of course I had to get a photo of the Covington Inn Bed & Breakfast. I then went up and over to the Indian Mound Park. This park has a fantastically beautiful view of both the Saint Paul skyline and also the Minneapolis skyline! It's such a spectacular place to be. 

City of Saint Paul Photograph for sale as Fine Art

In the first photo of this blog, I feature the previously mentioned Covington Inn Bed & Breakfast. This photo features the Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast that sits on the Mississippi River near downtown Saint Paul. This houseboat has a simple string of lights that just makes photos of it pop with a burst of color.

Have you ever stayed at the Covington Inn before? 

I then went up to Indian Mounds Park. This park has great views of the Saint Paul skyline as it sits along the Mississippi River. As an added bonus, the Minneapolis skyline can also be seen from here. 

As I was picking out my spots to photograph the Saint Paul skyline, I ran into a couple that was out enjoying the view. The girl was extremely chatty, the guy didn't seem to enjoy all the chattiness. As I went about getting my photos, she kept asking questions about how I was deciding my setups for getting the photos. And while I enjoyed the conversation, it made me realize that what I do comes very naturally to me, so I don't really think about it, I just do it. Which made me really have to think about what I was doing so that I could explain it to her. 

Saint Paul Skyline Photograph for sale as Fine Art.

When all was said and done, I had this great panoramic of the Saint Paul skyline along the Mississippi River.

This last photo was taken from Harriet Island. This "island" has great views of the Saint Paul skyline as it sits along the Mississippi River. I love exploring around here and also photographing all of the beautiful structures that call Saint Paul home. From this spot, I was able to capture the iconic 1st sign that lights up the skyline and also have the Ecolab signage in it as well with both of them reflecting in the Mississippi River.

Downtown Saint Paul Photograph for sale as Fine Art

As I mentioned in the title of this blog, I also wanted to bring attention to my Magic Kingdom 2018 Wall Calendars! You can choose from three different sizes, and it includes the photos that are featured below. And I will also let you in on a little secret. When you purchase a Magic Kingdom 2018 Wall Calendar, there are two months in the calendar that include a discount code to purchase any of my prints. 

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