Did I Just Photograph The Best View of Minneapolis Skyline?

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Earlier in May, I went out to find a new spot to get a good view of the Minneapolis Skyline. And I think I ended up finding my best view of the Minneapolis Skyline that I have ever found.

It wasn't easy finding this spot. The area I was in is a thick forest on a steep riverbank along the Mississippi River. My clothes were constantly catching on branches, and my feet were often slowly sliding down the riverbank towards the cold water of the river. 

I had aimed to get right down to the water, but with how steep the slope of the bank was, and with how much brush there was, I just didn't see a good path down to the waterfront. But I did find one area where the trees opened up to a perfect view, and those same trees also provide a perfect frame around the scene. There was still one problem though: the slope was so steep I wasn't sure where I could set up my tripod and camera while also keeping myself from sliding while taking the photos.

Thankfully I figured out a way to get it done. I sat on the ground while using a tree that had been felled by a beaver as an anchor to keep me in place. I then set up my tripod with the front legs extended all the way and the back leg not extended at all. I then carefully attached my camera and hoped it would all stay in place and not tumble down towards the river. 

As you can see from the photo above, it all worked out. This photo of the Minneapolis Skyline has now become my favorite. The river was very calm and reflective, and the colors of the city just jump off the image. 

I hope you enjoy the photo. You can click here to see a larger version or see the buying options on this print. 

Thank you for reading!