New Disney Art and Last Minute Gift Shopping!

Jingle Bell Jingle BAM - Disney Art Prints

I just returned from a fantastic trip to Walt Disney World and have new Disney Art arriving Daily! I wanted to share some of the new pieces with you to share some of the pixie dust! 

If you have ever been down to Walt Disney World, I am sure you know that they are always building new places or updating current places so it is a constantly evolving experience when you go there. One of the most enjoyable changes that I experienced on this trip was at Hollywood Studios. Right now that park is enjoying two huge projects in building Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. While working on those projects they have spruced up the remaining parts of the park. One of those improvements is a temporary one for the Christmas Season. 

As you can see in the photo above, they have moved the Christmas Tree to the pond between the Great Movie Ride and Indiana Jones. I LOVE that they moved it there. It creates such a fantastic photo opportunity. Granted, all of the families who enjoyed taking their family photos by the tree when it was out by the park entrance are now out of luck, but that is one thing Disney World has a plethora of this time of year: Christmas Trees. They are everywhere (thankfully)! They also added some colorful and quite large Christmas Tree ornaments to the pond. By day the brighten up the area, by night they light up and make it bring out the Christmas romance. They also added the Jingle Bell Jingle BAM fireworks for the Christmas season.

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