Expedition Reflection - A Look at the Animal Kingdom's Thrill Ride

Everest Reflection - Disney Prints for Sale | William Drew Photography

The detail that Walt Disney World puts into all of the areas of its theme parks is amazing. They want you to feel like you are in a different world when you are there, and they very much succeed in that goal. In this photo, you can see all of the Asian influence in the area around the Expedition Everest roller coaster. This is their thrill ride at Animal Kingdom and is based on the story of Mount Everest and the local fables of the Yeti. The entire area is set up to look like you are in Nepal.

The lake in front of Expedition Everest is now home to a night-time water pageant that is absolutely amazing to watch. The show started in 2017, so all of the seating you see in this photo is very new. Thankfully the lake was amazingly calm on the morning I took this photograph, and that calm water gave off an amazing reflection. 

Everest Reflection - Disney Prints on Canvas | William Drew Photography

The day that I took this photograph, I did something I had never done before in all of my trips down to Walt Disney World. It was the last full day of my 8-day trip, and I wanted to make it memorable. I was up early and at Epcot shortly after the park opened. I road Soarin', and strolled around taking some photos here and there. When I arrived at the International Gateway, I left Epcot and walked over to the Boardwalk area where I caught a bus that took me to the Animal Kingdom. While at Animal Kingdom, I took advantage of the single-rider line and rode Expedition Everest, and just like at Epcot, I just strolled around taking photographs. From there, I caught a bus back to the Boardwalk area. I then took the walking path over to Hollywood Studios. I arrived there about an hour before their Jingle Bell Jingle BAM fireworks show started, and I went straight to the front of the Chinese Theater where I would have a fantastic spot to watch and photograph that show. It was amazing. While there, I found myself between two other photographers who were both from England, one who was also on the last day of his trip, and another who was on the first day of his 3-week trip. After the fireworks ended, I left Hollywood Studios and took my place in line for a bus to the Magic Kingdom. We waited a very long time for the bus, which is one of those things that happens once in a while at Disney World (now that I said that I should mention that my previous bus rides, I hardly had to wait at all). The bus arrived at the Magic Kingdom about 10-minutes before Happily Ever After started. I wasn't able to photograph them, but I did see the entire show, and then I just enjoyed my last evening while at the Magic Kingdom. It was a great day where I managed to hit all four parks and saw the fireworks at two of them.

Expedition Reflection - Disney Framed Art | William Drew Photography 

Have you ever hit all four parks in a day? If so, what was your favorite memory of the day?