Holidazzle Celebration - An Explosive Minneapolis Christmas

Minneapolis Art Prints - Holidazzle Fireworks 1

I went to the Minneapolis Christmas and Winter celebration Holidazzle this past weekend. It was a fantastic experience and one that I would recommend to anyone. There was one surprising thing that I noticed while there. I spent the beginning of the month down at Walt Disney World, where I enjoyed their Christmas and Winter celebrations. It was glorious and wonderful. And warm. But here I was in Minneapolis, in our cold winter, and this place was more crowded than I experienced at any time down at Walt Disney World. Everyone knows that Disney is a busy place that attracts a ton of people from around the world. But here I was, in Minneapolis, in a place that seemed to have more people per square foot than Disney did on my trip.  

Now, before I go any further, for those of you not from Minneapolis, I am sure you are wondering "What is this Holidazzle thing he is talking about?" Well, let me tell you. Holidazzle is a Minneapolis tradition, and when you're there you can enjoy a Minneapolis-centric experience that includes well-known local businesses and products. They have ice skating, live music, local artists selling their wares, and of course holiday cookies and hot drinks among other food and beverage choices. Holidazzle creates a community gathering place and a holiday destination for people of all ages to come together and celebrate winter in Downtown Minneapolis. It is an event that makes Minneapolis unique and special.

Minneapolis Art Prints - Holidazzle Fireworks 2

Of course, I went there for one reason, and one reason only. It wasn't for the holiday cookies. I went there to photograph the fireworks. 

As I mentioned above, I spent the early part of December down at Walt Disney World, where I photographed their fireworks every night for a week. I knew these would not be as impressive. I also knew I wouldn't be anywhere near as warm. But if it is fireworks, I know I can make the photographs come to life and look fun and festive. So that is what I did.

Christmas Art - Holidazzle Fireworks 3

There may have been a glitch in the Holidazzle fireworks show. Right on time, at 7 PM, two fireworks launched and burst in the sky. And then we waited. For two minutes. That's right, a fireworks show started and then stalled out for two minutes. While we were standing outside. In snow. In the cold Minnesota winter. Waiting. But then the show started up again and it was very enjoyable. Lots of oohs and aaaahs were uttered by those in attendance, and the end of the show received a nice cheer and applause. 

Christmas Wall Art - Holidazzle Fireworks 4

Each of the Holidazzle Fireworks photographs you see here can be purchased in a variety of media types, and in a variety of sizes. There are Metal Prints, Canvas Gallery Wraps, Acrylic prints, and many different paper options.  

Minneapolis Art Prints - Holidazzle Fireworks 5

Oh, and I also have this, a multi-panel Triptych piece from the Holidazzle fireworks! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Christmas 3-Panel Art

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