How To: An Easy Way to Buy Memorable Corporate Art

For many business owners, running the business may be the easy part compared to decorating the office space. Your strengths are making your product or providing a service, but when it comes to decorating your office space you are at a complete loss and possibly outside of your element. How are you expected to also be knowledgeable in fine art? 

2018 Aquatennial 5 - Minneapolis Corporate Art | William Drew Photography

While there are some great Corporate Art Consultants out there, in Minneapolis and beyond, I would like to recommend a possible second alternative. You can go directly to the artist. 

Commission New Art

By going directly to the artist, you have an opportunity to influence the creating of the art. You may already know of an artist that has the type of art you are looking for, but if you commission some artwork you can get exactly the prints you are looking to use in your office and workplace.  

Minneapolis Sunset Silhouette - Minneapolis Corporate Art Consultants | William Drew Photography

A Portfolio of Options

You can also choose to select pieces already in the artists portfolio. This process can both be done with or without the artist. Working with the artist in selecting pieces from their portfolio can help bring you more insight and detail into the creative process which can help make the decisions come into focus. 

The best advantage of them all is the satisfaction that is gained by working directly with the artist, supporting an artist that you may get to know during this process, and save money by skipping the consultants' additional fees. 

My name is William Drew. I am a Minneapolis, MN based photographic artist. I have worked across the country from California to Florida and have art hanging on walls all around the world. One thing that I have learned is while I run across people who enjoy my art, all of them enjoy different pieces and different styles within my work. So I walk into each new endeavor with open eyes and a goal to get each client the exact look they want in their office.

Hot and Cold Chicago Sunset Skyline - Chicago Corporate Art | William Drew

In addition to the Framed prints, Canvas prints, Metal prints, and Acryllic prints, I also have wall murals that can quickly update the look and feel of a room. And while I do not offer these to the general public, I can also offer backlit prints and much more.   

If you have questions or are ready to discuss the ways I can help decorate your office, please feel free to contact me.  

Treasure Island Bay Bridge San Francisco Evening - San Francisco Corporate Art


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