How To Make Your Home Awesome with Art – 7 Tips to Know

This is a Guest Blog from Lily Brooks.

One sure way to make any home looking amazing is using art to decorate the space. Beautiful art pieces can make even tiny dwellings look better and awesome. This can be done by maximizing the available wall space. It's not only the rich celebrities and business people who are allowed to hang art pieces in their walls. There are many budding artists filled with talent and energy making amazing art at an affordable price. You just have to have a theme in mind when you look for perfect art pieces.

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  1. Consider Scale


In hanging wall art pieces, make sure the art piece is precisely centered. It should take up the width of the wall with about 6 to 12 inches of clearance on each side of the art to make it look centered. Hanging art pieces over furniture also follow the rule that pieces should not be more than the entire length of the furniture. And when it comes to hanging art, make sure the center of the art piece is in your line of sight. You don't want to be looking too high or too low at the art.


  1. Choose Minimalist Pieces 


Consider large pieces when you are out shopping for art to decorate your home. These could be the focal point of the room tying everything together. Choose minimalists pieces like a black and white photograph or a colorful abstract piece. The piece should complement the theme of the room from the color down to the furniture. The goal is to make the room cohesive and well-thought of.

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  1. Consider Creating an Art Gallery


If you have a large wall space and a large artwork doesn't compliment it, why not create a sort of gallery wall by hanging different art pieces and photographs together? Displaying different collections of art, wall hangings, or other photographs is a great way of giving a room some personality. The frames for these should be simple and fit the theme, drawing attention to what they contain. Guests would also be encouraged to ask about the different pieces, making the display a great conversation starter.


  1. Line Drawings and Illustrations


Selecting line drawings and illustrations can also add character to a room. These are beautifully drawn and simplistic art that goes well in a minimalist room. These drawings might be simple but they evoke the same emotion as any oil painting. They create this feeling of calmness and peace in the room because of the simple strokes and subject matter. Some line drawings are part of a collection and these could be hung together in a large wall space, making them the focal point of the room.


  1. What about Sculptures


Move away from the ordinary and do something fresh like choosing sculptures to decorate a room. When we think of sculptures, famous, classical marble giants by Michelangelo and Bernini are who come to our minds but sculptures are not limited to classical styles. There are options for modern, realist, minimalist and even whimsical works. They are perfect as accents in homes. An emerging trend when it comes to sculpture decor is blending different styles together. Classical pieces can be paired with whimsical and playful sculptures to create an interesting dynamic and making them even a hard-to-miss focal point.


  1. Paint Murals

Another great way to decorate your home outside of buying art pieces and sculptures is to paint a mural. You can paint the mural yourself; pay someone to do it, or selecting a wall covering. Murals are perfect for bedrooms and there's no fear of heavy art pieces falling on people as they sleep. A lot of parents have painted murals of children's book characters on their kid's room. It can make a room more lively and fun.


  1. Buy Unique Art Pieces


At the end of the day, it's about buying the art pieces that you love. Whether it's cheap or expensive, original or a copy, it's about how you feel about the piece which is what art is about. Getting an original work will surely add character to your home but it can be expensive. Many people have bought artworks just because it was labeled as original and by a known artist only to find themselves clueless about where to hang it or what to pair it with. A $5 dollar work you saw on a garage sale that goes well in your living room and you simply adore has more value than an expensive one you don't much care for.


Author Bio: Lily Brooks, a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas, and home improvement. She is currently working for EasyFrame, one of the UK's leading picture framer online, which offers high-quality custom picture frames and mounts. 


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