Introducing My New Target Field Art Gallery

Kirby Puckett Statue at Target Field

During the pandemic summer of 2020, I finally made it to Target Field to start photographing this beautiful baseball stadium that plays host to the Minnesota Twins. 

I have attended many games at Target Field, and heck, I even worked there for a year managing the post even staff. But I had never taken my camera down to the stadium to capture the beauty of this stadium.

Target Field Black and White

This stadium is not easy to photograph just because they tucked it tightly into downtown Minneapolis. All but one small section of the stadium is surrounded by other buildings so getting a good look at it is not a simple thing. 

Target Field Blue and Pink

I did find one area where I can get a photo of the stadium and the Minneapolis skyline. The stadium is usually lit up with white lights, but on some evenings they add some color to the skyline. 

I also found some new areas that make it possible to get a good view of the stadium. Although, the spot that I took this photo from is now unaccessable due to some construction. 

Target Field Blue

There are many more photos of Target Field in this new gallery, and I have included some of Target Center too, since they are right next to each other. 

You can take a look at this gallery here