Introducing My Wonderful New Disney Signature Series Art

Happy HalloWishes 5 - Disney Signature Series | William Drew Photography

I have some big news that I want to share. I have spent most of the summer working on a new project. When the idea first wiggled its way into my conscience, I had no idea how much work it would entail, or how many changes it would go through. From selecting the prints to searching for the perfect material to print them on, to making sure the packaging was just right. Heck, even getting the certificates of authenticity was a bigger chore than I had imagined. 

But it's here, and you are the first to see it. I will officially release this to the general public on September 1st, but you can start taking a look at it now.

What I came up with is my Disney Signature Series. I know you all enjoy my photographic style, and to be honest, I'm pretty fond of it myself. But as I keep working on getting better with my camera, and getting better with the edits, I have found a new style that I also love, and think it is a more sophisticated look. The photo above from the fireworks after a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is an example of this new style. I still want to keep my main style, but thought that using this new style for this new Disney Signature Series was a perfect way to get this rolling. 

Nighttime at Animal Kingdom - Disney Signature Series | William Drew Photography

Besides a new style, there are two other things that are unique to this new series. For one, I am using a much better medium to print on that really makes these images POP. It is a Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl paper. It is a paper that has a glossy surface that offers sharp detail, high-intensity colors, and a distinctive pearl-like appearance. You will LOVE it when you see it. 

These are also a limited edition print, which is something I have never done before. Each of these prints is limited to a total of 28 prints. Why 28? Mickey Mouse was born in 1928, and so I used 28 to tie it in even more with Disney.

The other part that ties it in with Disney? There was the Original Six characters (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy), and I am starting this out with six of my favorite prints. It was tough selecting which six images to start out with, but I think I got it right. 

Cinderella's Castle Sunset - Disney Signature Series | William Drew Photography

So, that is what I had for you today. I have a few more of the prints shown below, and I'll also include a link to the entire Disney Signature Series gallery. 

Thank you very much for reading,

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