Just Say You Believe

Paisley Nights at Paisley Park - Prince Art |  William Drew Photography

This building you see above is Prince's Paisley Park Studios out in Chanhassen, MN. That building is near and dear to my heart. I have been a massive Prince fan since 1982 when I heard 1999 for the first time as a 14-year-old kid. I was then fortunate to hang out inside Paisley Park hundreds of times. I knew the right people so I was always informed when Prince was having a party at the studios. Most of the time those parties were just him and his band "rehearsing" as he called it. They would often start around 2 am, and we'd enjoy watching him put on a show until the sun was coming up the next day. I certainly do miss those days.

I was out there so often that I know he knew who I was. We never spoke, but we did have several encounters, including a brief dance-off where his first move was to mimic one of my own dance moves. How are you supposed to react when you find out that a global icon had seen you enough that he knows your dance moves? 

At the time of his passing, I was at home on medical leave. A week later I returned to work, but knew I had to switch careers after experiencing that medical issue. A couple of weeks later I did find a new career, and the new office is right around the corner from Paisley Park, so even though Prince is no longer around, I drive past this building quite often. And yes, I do still have a day job. This photography thing is very enjoyable, but it's still a side hustle for now. 

As for the title that I gave this blog, which is 'Just say you believe', On his 1985 album titled Around the World in a Day, he has a song called Paisley Park. It's a Beatles-esque psychedelic song and the lyrics in the chorus include the line 'Admission is easy, just say you believe, and come to this place in your heart. Paisley Park is in your heart'. 

Those lyrics definitely came true for me.

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