Just Say You Believe - New Photos of Prince's Paisley Park

Paisley Nights at Paisley Park - Photographic Prints of Prince's Paisley Park | William Drew Photography

I have to admit, I was a fortunate soul for many decades. I grew up with Prince being my absolute #1 entertainer. I then spent hundreds of nights enjoying his "rehearsals" (as he would often call them) out at Paisley Park, his recording studio over in Chanhassen, MN. A majority of my favorite memories were made out there. When I saw that they added his symbol to the outside of the studio, I knew I had to get back over there to capture some photos of this building. 

As for the "Just Say You Believe" line from the title of this email, in his song Paisley Park he has lyrics that say "Admission is easy, just say you believe, and come to this place in your heart" 

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