Merry Christmas from Minnesota

Merry Christmas from Minnesota - Christmas Art | William Drew

It's December, and in Minnesota that means we are covered in snow and ready for Christmas to arrive.The snow is even more prevalent this year with the weather we have had recently.

The photo above features a classic Christmas scene that I found out in Rosemount, MN. It was at a place called Fox Farm Market. Yes, the people you see in the photo are actually mannequins and they are there on display all season long. Well, at least they were the year I took this photo. I am not sure how much they change the decorations from year to year.

One thing that challenged me with this photo is I really wanted the doorway and lamps to be the center of the print. But I always wanted to include the young child at the far left of the image, and also include the stars in the night sky. To the right of the image is the pakikng lot, so I couldn't expand the scene in that direction. So I ended up not keeping the door in the middle, but think it works much better this way and it captures the Christmas spirit that I felt while I was there.

Even though I am in my 50s now, I don't recall any Christmas carolorers roaming through the streets singing joyfully for all of us to hear. I think it would be great to see and hear if it did happen. 

I hope you enjoy this Minnesota Christmas photo. You can check it out in my art gallery here