Mill City Ruins: A Collection of Photos From a Hidden Gem in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Mill Reflections - MPLS Skyline Art | William Drew Photography

It was Friday evening on Memorial Weekend, and I was heading over to the Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis to do some photography. I had never taken any photos down in this area before, and as you will see in this blog, it's eye-catching and beautiful and I am sure that I will go back. As I arrived at the park, I had one shot in mind. I started walking over to the area that I wanted to photograph, and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the view that you see in the photo up above. The reflections in the Mississippi River holding pond were perfect. The blue-hour light in the sky greatly enhanced the bit of the Minneapolis Skyline that you can see. And the North Star Blanket light just looked perfect. This scene was perfection, and I would have been happy if that was my only photo of the night. 

But of course, it wasn't my only photo of the night. I started walking toward the one shot that I was thinking of, but those reflections kept stealing away my attention. In the photo below, you see the Gold Medal Flour building with its bright neon sign, and the Guthrie Theater. If I had brought a wider lens, I could have properly fit the neon and its reflection, but I used what I had to get the best shot I could. 

Gold Medal Flour Reflections - Minneapolis Cityscape Art | William Drew Photography


After taking this photo, I then set my sights on the one photo that I had been thinking of. And when I arrived, it was the one part of the holding pond that had water running in it, so the reflections were not there. The shot that brought me to the area was not going to happen on this evening. But as you will see, it was still a great evening of taking photographs. I then moved to where I could get a good photo of the North Star Blankets neon sign. 

North Star Blankets Neon - Minneapolis Cityscape Art | William Drew Photography


My next photo captures the main area of the Mill Ruins Park. The buildings in the park may have crumbled, but all of the buildings in the background are all from that same era. Many of them built in the 1860s. 

Mill Ruins Park - Photographs of Minneapolis Minnesota | William Drew Photography


I then took a different photo of the Gold Medal Flour building that also has the Guthrie Theatre behind it. This one was shot using the steep bluff in the foreground. I love the juxtaposition of the old mill and the stylish Guthrie right next to it. 

Gold Medal Flour and the Guthrie Theater - Minneapolis Photos | William Drew Photography


As I kept moving along the paths on the Mill Ruins Park, I noticed the scenery on the other side of the Mississippi River. Through one of the arches on the Stone Arch Bridge were the Pillsbury A Mill building and its neon sign. The arch worked as a perfect frame for this scene, though I do wish the fence was not in the way. I mean, the fence does provide some much-needed security there, but I think my photography is way more important than keeping people from falling off a ledge. And I hope you know that was said in my best sarcastic tone. [insert winky smiley face here]

Pillsbury's Best Flour Neon Sign - Minneapolis Cityscape | William Drew Photography


The final photo that I took while at the Mill Ruins Park was another where I took advantage of the reflecting pool that is in the area. This photo features the Stone Arch Bridge, the North Star Lofts, and the Carlyle Tower.

Stone Arch Bridge Reflections - MPLS Skyline Art | William Drew Photography [Mill City Ruins Collections]


I think that photo is a fantastic way to end my tour of Minneapolis' Mill Ruins Park. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Clicking on any of the photos above will take you to the page to learn more and buy a print of that photo. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this blog and leave your comments below!


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