Minneapolis Reflections in Peavey Plaza

Minneapolis Reflections at Peavey Plaza - Minneapolis Skyline Art | William Drew Photography

Minneapolis Reflections at Peavey Plaza

Near the end of the summer in 2019 I saw a news story stating that Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis had reopened and during the story, I saw some views of the area that I thought would be great to photograph.

I had never been to Peavey Plaza before so I have no idea how it looked, but I am assuming they didn't change much of it, they just updated its features. 

One of the features of the plaza that I wanted to photograph is its reflective pond. I made my first visit to it later in the week after seeing the story and they were already having technical difficulties and there was no water in the pond. So on that day I went around and photographed other areas of the city. I returned a few days later and everything was working as it should, and the reflective pond was working. It was beautiful and I immediately saw the view you see in the photo above. I didn't take the photo yet though as there were other people enjoying the pond which took away its reflections. It was a beautiful summer evening so I had no issues with just sitting back and enjoying the view while I waited for the pond to clear out. Once it did clear out, I really enjoyed photographing the reflections of the IDS building. It was a very unique view that I hadn't ever seen before. I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I do. 

Here is another look at it set up as a wall mural. This one would be a vertical mural and not one you could stretch across a normal wall. You would want to use it in an area with a small wall space.

Minneapolis Reflections at Peavey Plaza - Minneapolis Wall Murals | William Drew Photography

And here is another look at it with a frame.

I also went over to the other side of the reflective pond as the view from that side was also fantastic. You do not see any of the skyline from that side of the pond, but the reflections are still outstanding. 

Peavey Plaza Reflections - Minneapolis Wall Art | William Drew Photography

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