MSP Airport Prince Mural Merchandise and Prints

MSP Airport Prince Mural - Prince Merchandise | William Drew Photography

The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport has a beautiful mural that features Prince inside their Terminal 1 building. The mural is in a general area, so anyone can go take a look at it without having to go through security or needing to have tickets for a flight.

When I went to see the  mural, I actually had no idea where it was. I also entered the airport from the Lightrail station, which I had never done before. I was constantly turning around to look back so I could recognize where I was coming from on my way back to the lightrail station.

It was during one of those moments when I saw the mural. It is on a wall right above an escelator, and if I hadn't turned around after getting to the top of the escelator, I wouldn't have seen it and would have kept on walking through the airport. 

Now that I have a photo of this fantastic Prince mural, I can now offer it was a wall print. 

MSP Airport Prince Mural - Prince Wall Art | William Drew Photography

I also have this print available as a Prince Tote Bag, where I added his lyric "Thank U for a funky time" to the tote bag. 

Prince Tote Bag - Thank U for a Funky Time | William Drew Photography

It is also available as a Prince Throw Pillow

Prince Throw Pillow - Thank U For a Funky Time | William Drew Photography

Another option is a Prince Coffee Mug

Prince Coffee Mug - Thank U for a Funky Time | William Drew Photography

If you want a Prince iPhone case, I have that as well. 

Prince Phone Case - MSP Airport Prince Mural | William Drew Photography

If it is a Prince T-Shirt that you prefer, I also have that available. 

Prince Tshirt - Thank u for a Funky Time | William Drew Photography