Main St. USA Ice Cream - My Families Favorite Disney Tradition

Main St. USA Ice Cream - Disney Christmas Art | William Drew Photography

My family has a wonderful Disney tradition that we do every time we are fortunate enough to make a trip to Walt Disney World. On the last evening of our trip, we always close out the Magic Kingdom. And as we do so, we always stop at the Ice Cream Parlour and get some ice cream near the end of the day. We then sit and enjoy watching Cinderella's Castle, listening to the background music, and just soaking in the atmosphere that is the Happiest Place on Earth. We also wait until they broadcast The Last Kiss Goodnight, which is a show of changing lights on Cinderella's Castle and a beautiful speech thanking us for our visit. It is always one of the best moments of our trip, and I couldn't imagine not enjoying this on a trip down to Walt Disney World. 

Do you and your family have any traditions that you like to do while on Vacation at Walt Disney World Resort?

Disney Canvas Wrap - Main St. USA Ice Cream | William Drew Photography

This photograph features the Ice Cream signage on Main Street, USA. There is also one of the beautiful Christmas Wreath's that adorn Main Street at Walt Disney World during the Christmas Season.  

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Disney Framed Art - Main St. Ice Cream | William Drew Photography

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