My Spaceship Earth Collection: A Gallery of EPCOT's Icon

Spaceship Earth at Night 5 - Spaceship Earth Collection | William Drew Photography

Much like Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT's Spaceship Earth is something that I never get tired of looking at. I know it is not anywhere near as iconic as Cinderella's Castle is in the grand scheme of things, but as far as a park icon goes, Spaceship Earth is one I absolutely adore.

The image above is one that took me years to finally get right. There is usually other guests in view for one thing. And it had rained most of the day, which left water on the ground creating some nice reflections. It also took me time to grow as a photographer to get to this point. From capturing the right exposure, to getting the colors right, to knowing how to properly touch it up afterwards. It all came together perfectly in this one. 

And with that, let's take a look at some of the many different looks that I have captured of Spaceship Earth:

One of my favorite things to photograph while at EPCOT is getting the palm trees and Spaceship Earth together in the same print. This is my favorite of the nighttime versions of this. 

Spaceship Earth at Night 1 - EPCOT Art | William Drew Photography

Spaceship Earth and Palm Trees - EPCOT Art Prints | William Drew Photography

This one is my favorite of the daytime photos of Spaceship Earth and the palm trees. 

The festivals and topiaries

Another love of mine is photographing the topiaries that are set up at the main entrace to EPCOT. 

The top one with Mickey and Minnie Mouse is from the Flower and Garden Festival in 2018.

The bottom one is from the Festival of Arts (as you can read in the photo) from 2019.

This entire entrance will be changed the next time I visit. I'm looking forward to seeing the new look!

Spaceship Earth at Night 7 - Disney Art Gallery | William Drew Photography EPCOT Festival of the Arts - Spaceship Earth Art Gallery | William Drew Photography

Figment x2.

Topiary Figment 1 - Spaceship Earth Photos | William Drew Photography

The Figment Topiary from Flower and Garden 2018

Topiary Figment 2 - Spaceship Earth Images | William Drew Photography

Also the Figment Topiary from Flower and Garden 2018


Spaceship Earth also looks great at Christmastime. This one features the EPCOt Christmas tree, and has some bonus palm trees in the photo as well. 

EPCOT Christmastime - Spaceship Earth Art | William Drew Photography

Spaceship Earth at Night Black and White | EPCOT Art | William Drew Photography

Black & White

I can't forget to mention how great Spaceship Earth looks in a black & white image. Isn't that just spectacular?

Before I go, here are some of my favorites where Spaceship Earth is in the background of the image. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed my Spaceship Earth Collection. I do have many more Spacehip Earth prints available and you can see them in my EPCOT Spaceship Earth gallery.

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