Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis is Restored, Reflective, and Spectacular

Peavey Plaza is a very unique space in Downtown Minneapolis. I can faintly recall seeing it fully functional decades ago. I can't be sure when the water features of the plaza stopped working as it is in an area of downtown that I do not frequent very often. However, now that the space has been restored, and the water function has been turned back on, I have made a visit and brought my camera with me.

The plaza reopened in August 2019. The week that it opened, I made a trip to visit in that first weekend. And as with most "new" things, when I arrived at the park there was no water. A park employee said it would be fixed Monday morning and apologized. While I didn't get to see what I went downtown for, I still made sure to take some photos featuring views and scenes that I have never photographed before. I won't be showing you those prints at this time as there are bigger and better things to get to.

I went back the next Thursday and the plaza was fully functional and it was so wonderful to see. Even though the space is right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis, it was very calm and peaceful there. And quite beautiful too. The main feature of Peavey Plaza is an open area that has about a 1/4" of standing water on it. This water creates some great reflections, which is why I was there. The water also is a fun thing to walk through. I had to be patient waiting for the area to clear as if anyone walked through the water it ruined the reflections. It was fun watching people enjoying the area as they walked through the water. 

When the water did clear out though, wow, it was so fun to photograph! My first photo features the IDS Center and its reflection. 

Minneapolis Reflections at Peavey Plaza - Minneapolis Skyline Wall Art | William Drew Photography

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I then walked over to the other side of the plaza and took a photo of the fountains and the waterfalls that are also a part of the plaza.

Peavey Plaza Reflections - Photos of Minneapolis Minnesota | William Drew Photography

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I also made sure to take advantage of a view of the Target Headquarters that I have not seen or photographed before.

Target Headquarters Building - Minneapolis Photos | William Drew Photography

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When I was done taking photos around Peavey Plaza, I went down the street a little bit and grabbed a photo of the stylistic differences in this part of Downtown Minneapolis. Taking a photo of the very old and very beautiful church, with the much newer and sleek downtown Minneapolis Skyline was a fun challenge. 

Skyline and Church - Minneapolis Skyline Canvas | William Drew Photography

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