Rare Pics of Disney World: Have You Been In This Building Before?

Rare Disney Pics

Walt Disney World is a place that attracts photographers of all ages, styles, and skill level. It doesn't matter where you are, the Magic Kingdom or any of the theme parks, the Contemporary Resort, or any of the resorts, you will see people taking photos of some sort. But have you ever seen a night time photo of the loading dock for the Tom Sawyer Island rafts?

Well, I was down in the area by Big Thunder Mountain and headed over to the waterfront area by there. I absolutely loved how calm and reflective the Rivers of America was. So while I was down by the waterfront, I took a handful of photos of the Tom Sawyer area. Since it was night time, the island itself was closed, and it was not lit up well at all because of that. Because of that, some of the photos I took just couldn't get enough light to make them work correctly. Despite that, I loved the time I spent enjoying the calmness of the area, and I loved trying to get these different photos. I then walked along the dock, getting closer and closer to where the Tom Sawyer Island loading dock is. And from there I saw how beautiful this area looked at night. I was actually surprised that I had never, ever seen this view at night, and was even more surprised at just how tranquil and beautiful it was. I HAD to take a photo of it.

I first set up my tripod and went about making sure I lined up the shot correctly. My first two attempts at this photo did not work. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy the framing of the photo, or the lighting of the photo. It was because I was down by the smoking area and during the first two attempts a smoker walked by and that vibrated the dock, which vibrated the tripod, which vibrated the camera, which gave me a slightly blurry shot. On the 3rd attempt, I was left alone in the area, and I was able to make this nighttime photos of the Magic Kingdom. This was a long exposure photo, which helped smooth out the water and make it even more reflective. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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