My Target Run is Different than Yours

I made a Target Run the other night, and because of it, I have some new art to show you. No, I did not buy art at Target, nor did I take my equipment with me while strolling down the isles. I went to downtown Minneapolis and took some photos of two-thirds of the Target buildings down there.

I have had both of these images in my mind recently, so when I had some time to get out with my gear, I went straight over to downtown and enjoyed the hustle and bustle. My first stop was Target Center, which is home to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the 4-time league champion Minnesota Lynx. They also have concerts and other events here at Target Center. The building recently wrapped up a major refurbishment, and that is why I wanted to come down and get some photographs of the arena. 

Target Center and Prince - William Drew Photography

The new entryway now featured an entire wall of windows. It is much more open and convenient to get to. It is also easier on the eyes. In the background of the image, you can see the upper halo of Target Field, and there is still just a little bit of light in the sky too. As I was setting up my gear to get this photo, I had seen some of the digital billboards scroll by on the digital screen next to the windows. There was one for an upcoming Metallica concert, one for the Lifetime Fitness gym that is below the court, and one for an upcoming Timberwolves game. So once I had everything put in place, I made sure to time the photo to get the billboard for the Timberwolves game on it. I did that, and then I noticed a billboard that I hadn't seen earlier. It was a billboard for Prince. So I quickly took another photo as I absolutely can not let an opportunity go by to take a photo that includes Prince.

Target Field and the Skyline

The 2nd stop on my Target Run was to get a photo of Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, and include the downtown skyline. As I was arriving downtown, I had seen that the stadium had different colored lights on its halo that I hadn't seen before. I have never seen that color combination used on Target Field before. Unfortunately, there isn't a great location to get photographs of Target Field. This one does a good job showing the halo, but the rest of the stadium is blocked by the garbage burner facility. (Yes, that is right, our MBL Stadium is right next to a garbage burning facility). I loved the colors and the skyline from this view, so even though you can't see all of the stadium, this view still had plenty of vibrance and color. 

And that concluded my Target Run. I hope you enjoy what I got for you! 

Feel free to click on the photos to find out some more info on each, and if you have any questions or comments about them, feel free to leave them below!