The Compass and Cinderella's Castle

The Compass and the Castle - Cinderella Castle at Night Picture | William Drew Photography

Did you know there was a compass on the ground in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World?

There is also a compass by Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in California. 

Why are the compasses there, and is there a meaning for them? It turns out there is a very important reason for them. The compass is a central figure in the Disney philosophy of customer service.

The four points of a compass describe how Disney's Guestology wants their guests treated. 

N = Needs

W = Wants

S = Stereotypes

E = Emotions

When we discuss people’s needs, we’re talking about the basics. Wants are needs kicked up a notch. Stereotypes require you to overcome negative impressions a person might have. Finally, emotions are often more powerful than logic when it comes to many decisions. 

There is one other connection to the Disney business that involves the compass. Because it plays such a strong roll in their customer service, they also used it as a business name when Walt started buying properties in central Florida. Walt and Roy were smart, and didn't want people to know that Disney was buying large tracts of land, so they came up with a bunch of different businesses, gave them all n names, and used those businesses to buy the land. One of those businesses was called Compass East Corporation.

As for this photo, it is one that required patience, but that patience lead to a bunch of happy feelings.

When I set up to take this photo, there were a couple of families standing in the compass area taking selfies and enjoying the magic of being at the Magic Kingdom late at night. Other than that, the place was quite empty as it was close to an hour after the park closed. One of the families left, and shortly after the other did too, so I started getting ready to take the photo. 

But then another family walked in, and I'm not quite sure where they came from. But they proceeded to get their selfies taken while they all had giant smiles and were enjoying themselves. Another photographer also came over next to me looking to get the same shot I was waiting to take.

That family finished up and started leaving the area. And then another family appeared and took their spot on the compass.  This continued a handful of time. Actually, I can't recall exactly how many different families took their turn on the compass, but it was always funny how they all just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The other photographer was also laughing with me as we were wondering where people kept sneaking up on us from. 

The entire time I was watching these families enjoy their time at the Magic Kingdom, it wasn't frustrating that I had to wait, it wasn't upsetting because I'd be getting back to my resort a little bit later. Each family actually added to my magic. There is just something truly m magical about seeing others be so happy and enjoying their time together. 

As you can see, I finally did get that photo with the compass and Cinderella's Castle, and I also got a great memory that I will always cherish.  

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