The New Sculpture Garden, and My New Photos of it!

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at Walker Art Center went through a major reconstruction project that wrapped up late in the summer this year (2017). I grabbed my camera and took a trip there to see how it all looked.

They really opened up the place. Before the remodel, most of the sculptures were separated by tall trees that blocked the ability to see most of the sculptures. With the new layout, you can see the each and every sculpture no matter where you are, which is fantastic. There is also a much better view of the Minneapolis Skyline while at the park. 

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I took a photo of the Spoonbridge and Cherry that made it to the cover of a magazine. Even though I only live a few miles from the Sculpture Garden, I had only brought my camera there maybe one other time. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. But I was ready to change that and get some new photos of it. 

Minneapolis Art Prints - Cherry Reflection

For this first photo, which I have named Cherry Reflection, I actually had to wait about 25 minutes to take it. I was all set up, camera and tripod, ready to go, but there was a family right by the water taking photos. As they were doing so, two other families lined up to do the same. So, I waited. I had already been around to the rest of the sculptures and was waiting to get this one particular photo, so, I patiently waited. And maybe checked up on all the social media stuffs going on in the world at the time. Once the area cleared out I was able to work on getting my shot. I loved that I could capture the reflection of the cherry in the pond. I loved that I could capture the spray coming out of the top of the cherry stem. And I loved having the skyline as a beautiful backdrop. 

Minneapolis Art Prints - Cock and Cherry

In this next photo, I dangerously named it Cock and Cherry, I moved further south along the walkway and found a spot that allowed me to capture both the Spoonbridge and Cherry, and the big blue Hen. The background also now includes the Basilica of St. Mary along with the city skyline. I made this one a panoramic shot to better focus on the subject matter instead of blank space dominating the image. 

Minneapolis Art Prints - Cherry Bridge

For this last image, which I named Cherry Bridge, I went back to where I took that winter photo of the Spoonbridge and Cherry that gave me my brief moment of fame. I stood a couple of feet to the left to get a slightly different look as I wanted to better capture Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in the background. I love how the water spray from the Cherry Stem is kind of falling towards the Cathedral like an angel wing. 

3-Piece Minneapolis Canvas Wall Art - Cherry Reflection

And, of course, I have made the Cherry Reflection photo available as a Multi-Panel piece. This is available in multiple sizes. Make sure to go check it out here!

Calendars are also still available for 2018! Go check them out!