A Spotlight on My Latest Project "Norway"

One of my favorite times to photograph subjects at Epcot's World Showcase is after the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show is done. Almost everyone in the park heads right to the exits and that leaves a fairly empty playground for me to enjoy. I then take advantage and slowly walk around the World Showcase with my camera and tripod and try to find new and better photographs to create.

On the evening that I took this photo, the moon had not risen into the sky, so the stars in the night sky really stood out. I am not at Disney World often when this happens so seeing the stars as clearly as you could see them that evening was absolutely wonderful.

Orion's Belt, or the Belt of Orion, was very prominent in the sky and I used that asterism in the constellation Orion as a background in many photographs from that night. This was a very new thing for me as capturing the stars in the sky is not something I have ever done before while shooting photos at Walt Disney World. 

By the time I arrived in Norway, there were only a handful of people left in the park. While I do enjoy taking my time leaving, I don't ever want to be the last one there holding up the cast members. But I just had to get a photo of the Viking building in the Norway pavilion with Orions Belt in the sky behind it. And this beautiful Epcot photo is the result of that.