The Top 6 Reasons I Love Fall Color Photography

Bond Falls Autumn - Fall Colors | William Drew Photography

I have a confession to make. While my website here is dedicated to my Colors of the Night photography, I have another subject that I absolutely love photographing. That subject? Fall Colors. Unfortunately, there are only two or three weeks per year where I can grab my camera and get out to enjoy and take some crisp and beautiful fall photos. 

Living in Minnesota, we really get to experience some spectacular fall colors and weather. You will often hear Minnesotans mention that Fall is their favorite time of year. The crisp air, the fall colors, the hoodies and shorts, and of course all the pumpkin spice. As you'll see below, my love for fall isn't just limited to Minnesota.

So in this blog, I am going to show off some of my favorite Fall Color Photography. I guess you could also call this my Top 6 Best Fall Photos. And we are going to start with one that features the best waterfall I have ever laid my eyes on. With that said, let's begin...

My Reason #6 Why I Love Fall Color Photography: Bond Falls in Autumn. The photo you see at the top of this blog is, in fact, Bond Falls. And it is, in fact, Bond Falls in Autumn. I love this waterfall so much that I did this shot during a day trip. Now, this waterfall is in Upper Michigan. It is in Ontonagon County, and I believe it is so far out in the sticks that there isn't even a city to list for it. From my house, it is a 4-1/2 to 5-hour drive to get to Bond Falls. So, when I say I took this photo during a day trip, I mean that I woke up at 5 am, jumped in my car in Minneapolis, and drove the 5-hours up to Bond Falls. Took a few photos, and then made the 5-hour drive back to Minneapolis. Yes, I love these falls that much. Well, OK, I also stopped at my favorite pizza joint and visited with some extended family on my way back to Minneapolis, but those were just bonus perks of the trip that I made specifically to get some fall color photographs of this beautiful waterfall. 

My #5 Reason Why I Love Fall Photos: Raging River. This photo is from what I consider to be my favorite State Park in Minnesota. This is from Jay Cooke State Park, which is just south of Duluth. This park is so unique, and so beautiful I make multiple trips a year up to it. To get this photo, I was standing on a swinging bridge. That's right, the bridge swings. It also isn't very wide. Two people walking in opposite directions on the bridge have to turn sideways to avoid bumping into each other. But the bridge is iconic, and it provides this spectacular view of the St. Louis River raging past an island in the river.   

Raging River - Fall Photos | William Drew Photography


The #4 reason why I Love Fall Color Photography is Dells Mill Reflection. The Dells Mill is found in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. Well, OK, it is in Augusta, Wisconsin. No, not the Augusta where The Masters golf tournament is held. This Augusta is in Wisconsin. The mill is obviously no longer functional, and I believe the museum has been having some tough financial times and it isn't always open anymore. Which is a big reason why you should go! I have now made winter, summer, and fall trips out to this beautiful location. The water on this side is so calm and reflective because of the dam that is holding it back. From the bridge on the other side of this photo, you can get a view of the waterfall that the dam creates.  

Dells Mill Reflection - Fall Color Photographs | William Drew Photography


My #3 Reason Why I Love Fall Photography is a photo I simply call Fall Images. I took this photo as I was leaving Jay Cooke State Park, and was taking the backroads up to Duluth and the North Shore. This was the one and only time that I have timed my trip perfectly with peak fall colors. And the only reason I saw this view was because I happened to be driving a convertible. With the top down, I was able to notice this view out of the corner of my eye as I was making a corner turning away from this view. I am so glad that I managed to see it as this view is spectacular! I had to make a U-turn on a winding 2-lane road to get back to this spot. The river you see in the photo is the St. Louis River, which you also see in photo number #5 above. 

Fall Images - Best Fall Photos | William Drew Photography


The #2 Reason Why I Love Fall Photography is Gooseberry Autumn 5. Gooseberry State Park is one of the most popular state parks along the North Shore of Minnesota. Actually, it is probably one of the most popular state parks in the entire state of Minnesota. This photo features the top lip of the upper falls. There are three separate falls in the main part of this beautiful park. There are a couple more falls further upstream. I have never made the hike to get to them though. 

Gooseberry Autumn 5 - Fall Photos | William Drew Photography


And finally, my #1 Reason Why I Love Fall Photography is a photo I simply call Fall Pictures. This photo is not only what I consider my best fall photo, the State of Minnesota has used it in multiple places over the years. This is the 3rd photo on this list that is from Jay Cooke State Park. The river flowing through the photo is, of course, the St. Louis River. Nearly every fall since I have taken this photo, the Explore Minnesota social media pages have used this photo as their cover photo. They also used it in one of the main tents when the Ryder Cup was here in Minnesota last summer. The one thing that caught my eye and enabled me to take this photo was that one red tree that is partially hidden but is right in the middle of the photo. In this area of the park, 98% of the fall color was yellow. But when I saw the vibrant orange, and that one spectacular red tree, I just had to get a photo of it, and it has now been my favorite fall photo over these past 11-years.  

Fall Pictures - Minnesota | William Drew Photography


That is my list. My Top 6 Reasons I Love Fall Photography. If you want to see more of my Fall Photos, you can find them in my Fall Color Photography Gallery. 

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