Tom Sawyer and Injun Joe at Disney World

Disney Art Print - Injun Joe

I love photographing the Frontierland area at night when I am at the Magic Kingdom. The stillness of the Rivers of American gives off perfect reflections at night and that just drives me to keep going back there at night. I was down by the smokers area (which isn't the best place for a non-smoker to hang out) by Big Thunder Mountain taking some photos of Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain from down by the water. As I moved around, I noticed how beautiful the Tom Sawyer's Island loading dock looked at night. One look at the sign hanging on the building gave me the name for this piece. 

I then moved as close to the loading dock as that walkway would allow. Since this piece was created on a night the Magic Kingdom was having their Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the lighting in Frontierland was a little different than normal. It was also changing every couple of minutes. So, while this isn't the most Christmassy Disney photograph ever, it is bathed in light from their Christmas party. 

The loading dock is not a very popular photography subject at the Magic Kingdom, but I just couldn't pass up taking a photo with such a romantic look to it as this one has. The pinkish/purplish dominating the image is from the Christmas colors the Magic Kingdom was using at the time I took this photo. The entire Frontierland area was decked out in this beautiful color. Just before this, the area was decked out in red and green shades. They did not look as nice on the loading dock in my mind so I waited for this color to get this image. 

Disney Framed Art - Injun Joe

This piece is available in a variety of media types. You can buy it as a print with 3 different options for your paper choice, and I can frame and mat it for you or you can use your own frame. The photo above will show you how nice this Disney Framed Art would look on your home or office wall.

Disney Canvas Art - Injun Joe

You can also purchase this as a Disney Canvas Gallery Wrap. The colors in this piece would jump off your walls with it printed on a Canvas Wrap!

There are a total of 10 different media types available for this Disney Art Print. You can check all of the options out here.

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