Top 5 Reasons to Buy Disney Metal Wall Art

Cinderella Castle Dusk - Disney Metal Wall Art | William Drew Photography

Did you know that you can order any of my Disney prints on my White Gloss Metal? Allow me to give you 5 solid reasons why you should consider buying your Disney Art on a Metal surface. 

My art has typically been described as vibrant and colorful. Putting my art on Metal just enhances the vibrancy and color and really makes the print come alive on your home or office wall. My metal prints are created by printing directly onto the aluminum with a brilliant white high gloss surface for unsurpassed vibrance and detail. 

Now that I have said all of that, let me get to the 5 reasons you want your Disney Art to be on Metal. 

Spaceship Earth at Night 5 - Disney Metal Wall Art | William Drew Photography


1. It takes a long time before images start to fade.

We all know that graphics and text can fade on paper if exposed to the sun for a consistent period. One of the advantages of metal photo printing is a longer delay before that happens. In fact, the fading process only begins after 100 years of sunlight exposure! 


2. Metal Prints can look as modern or traditional as you wish. 

The bonus of metal prints onto aluminum is that you can place them in conventional frames. That means they will look "in place" with other artwork hung on your walls. Of course, you could go for the more modern look and suspend them using floating wall hooks (that come with the print).


3. They hold up against the heat.

If you are in an area where there is often high temperatures, metal prints won't get damaged by the heat. That makes them an ideal printing format for a variety of high-heat areas of the world. 

Tree of Life Awakenings - Disney Metal Art for Sale | William Drew Photography


4. You can clean them.

The trouble with cleaning some printed surfaces is you end up wiping off text and graphics too! The good news is that you won't have to worry about this problem with metal. You can easily clean fingerprint marks and other stains from the surface. Because the dyes are underneath the white high gloss coating, you won't erase anything. 


5. They are light.

One of the things people worry about is hanging heavy art on their walls. They fear the wall can't bear sugh heavy loads. As a result, some people don't hang their favorite art on their walls. Aluminum is a lightweight metal. That means you can enjoy looking at your wall art without the fear of it falling down. 


Still not convinced that metal is the way to go? Here is my final comment on these beautiful prints. The photos below were sent to me by one of my happy customers. This is his cell phone photo of his Disney metal print hanging on his wall. The photos are untouched. Yes, the colors jump off the print like that on a metal print. 


If you have any questions about my Disney metal wall art, please feel free to reach out to me using my contact form. Otherwise, start taking a look at all of the prints that I have available in my Disney Metal Art gallery