Urban Sunset in Minneapolis

Urban Sunset - Minneapolis Wall Art | William Drew Photography

That photo at the top of this post is one that I took while under the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. The area I was in is where many photographers and others go to get that classic view of the Minneapolis skyline and the Stone Arch Bridge.

On this particular night, I went down there for one reason, and that was to photograph the Independence Day fireworks. I had a crazy thought that I wanted to try out that night, and that thought was to photograph the fireworks so they would show up to the right side of the bridge, while I still had the skyline in the photo on the left side of the bridge. 

I wasn't sure how that idea would work. I had a general idea of where the fireworks might appear, but having never been down there for the fireworks, I wasn't sure if it would work or not. 

As I took the photo that you see, I was the only one down there, just enjoying the peace and quiet and watching the Mississippi River flow by. It was such a gorgeous sunset, and I'm glad I had a quiet moment to enjoy it. 

By the time the fireworks started, the place was PACKED. There were so many people down there, that it took me 45 minutes to get up onto the bridge after the fireworks ended. It was a traffic jam of people just trying to get up the stairs. 

Even though I went down there to photograph the fireworks, this one of the sunset is by far my favorite from that night.

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