Prices Reduced on All of My Wall Murals!

I have some great news for those of you who have been looking at my Wall Murals. Whether you have been looking through my Disney Wall Murals, or my Minneapolis Skyline Wallpaper, you will now see a much better price on them.

I was recently able to work out a deal with my mural printer, and have had the costs lowered on them. I am passing all of those savings onto you. How much is this deal going to save you? Each size dropped by about $30. That is an extra $30 in your pocket when you buy one of my removable wall murals! 

Here is how each size changed:

Small Mural: Was $225. Now $199

Medium Mural: Was $379. Now $349

Large Mural: Was $799. Now $769.

All of my Wall Murals come with Free Shipping! If you see a photo of mine that you would love as a mural but isn't on the mural page, just let me know and I can get your favorite images started for you.

In addition to saving you money on my Wall Murals, my paper prints are also lower in price now! My 12x8 prints have gone from $19 to $12. 18x12 prints have gone from $41 to $33. And 24x16 have gone from $91 to $76. Make sure to take a look at my website and take advantage of all of these savings!


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