White Christmas Wishes

White Christmas Wishes - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

That photo you see above is from the Christmas Wishes fireworks show that they used to have during the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parties. This exact moment is during the finale of the show, and Cinderella's Castle was lit in white for maybe 2 seconds. It wasn't a very long time at all. The fireworks were always very bright during this moment as it was the finale and you know how Disney puts a lot of fireworks into the finales of their shows. 

It was always very difficult to get a photo of this scene, and in fact, it took me many years to finally get this photograph. Why did it take so long? When I photograph fireworks, I mainly have my camera set so that I can take photos that use 15-second to 30-second exposures. So if I suddenly needed to get a 2-second exposure, I had to quickly make a lot of adjustments to my camera and I often didn't get them changed in time. And if I started the exposure just a split second early, or held it a split second too long, the lights on Cinderella's Castle would change and it would change the look of the photo. 

Back in those days, we didn't always go to the Christmas parties, so it might be two years between each of my attempts. I'd get one chance to get the photo, and if I missed it, I would end up waiting another two years before getting another chance. 

The good news is I was always getting better as a photographer, and getting better at knowing when I needed to get the camera properly adjusted during the show and it finally happened. I captured the photo that you see above. I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that I finally got that photo I had been waiting years to get. 

The trials and errors of trying to capture this photo made it easier for me to know how to photograph Happily Ever After or Enchantment. Sometimes I want to use longer exposures and focus on photographing the fireworks. Other times I set out to use shorter exposures so I can photograph the projections on Cinderella's Castle. 

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