Winter Views of Minneapolis

Winter Views of Minneapolis - Beautiful Pictures of Minneapolis | William Drew Photography

Snowy days in Minneapolis can be a wide range of things, from dangerous to beautiful. I am also finding out they are also not as enjoyable as you age. When I was younger, it was always fun to play in the snow, it also meant you might not have to go to school.

As you age though, it mostly means longer commutes and shoveling the snow plow pile off the end of your driveway.  

I do have one way to make the snow fun for me again though. When it is a beautiful snowfall, I don't mind getting out with my camera and getting some photos. On the day I shot the photo you see above, the snowfall was constantly changing as I drove to the Stone Arch Bridge. I'd see large snowflakes slowly falling one minute, then tiny snowflakes that you could barely see the next. 

When I arrived at the Stone Arch Bridge, the snow was just a regular snowfall, but it still made for a beautiful canopy while taking in that iconic view of Minneapolis, looking down the Stone Arch Bridge towards the old mill district.

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