Your Favorite Expedition Everest Photographs With No Scary Yeti

I have never taken a photo of the Yeti inside of the Expedition Everest roller coaster as I am too busy enjoying the ride, but I have taken many photos of the ride from the outside. With all of my photos of this fantastic ride, six of them have by far been your favorites. Let's take a look at them.

Let's do the smart thing and start at the bottom, with the 6th most popular Expedition Everest photographs on my website. It is one that I shot during the preshow of Animal Kingdoms Rivers of Light show. This one is actually my personal favorite photo of Expedition Everest. 

Rivers of Light Everest Photograph | William Drew Photography


Number 5 on my list of the most popular Expedition Everest photos was also taken during the preshow of Rivers of Light, though this one shows the crowded seats with none of the floats in it.

Expedition Everest Reflections Photography by William Drew Photography


Next on my list is one that I call Expedition Everest in Blue. I took this one while walking through Asia towards the ride. I loved out the mountain stood so tall above the walkway and the flags hanging over the walkway. 

Expedition Everest in Blue Photography by William Drew Photography


The 3rd most popular Expedition Everest photo on my website is one that features the Hollywood Studios fireworks exploding in the air next to the mountain tops of Expedition Everest. 

Everest Fireworks 1 Photograph by William Drew Photography


Coming in 2nd place is yet another photo of Expedition Everest shot during the pre-show of Rivers of Light. I have to give it to you, this is also my 2nd favorite photo that I have taken of Expedition Everest. 

Reflections of Expedition Everest Photograph as Fine Art


And to top off this quick little list, my most popular Expedition Everest photo is, you guessed it, also shot during the pre-show for Rivers of Light. Isn't it beautiful?

Blue Expedition Everest Reflection Photograph by William Drew Photography


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