5 Sunset Minneapolis Photos that You Need To See

I love getting out right around Sunset time here in Minneapolis, finding a spot, and taking photos of the colorful sky behind the Minneapolis Skyline. It's my absolute favorite time of day to be out with my camera. I have about a dozen favorite spots that I like going to for taking Minneapolis Skyline Sunset photos, but in this blog here, I am going to show you five of my favorites.

Let's get started. This first one is a little tricky as I'm standing west of the Downtown Minneapolis Skyline looking east. We should all know that the sun sets to the west, which was behind me in this case. So, how did I get a sunset picture when I was facing east? It's all in the reflections. The skyscrapers in Minneapolis are mostly glass, and the colors of the sunset often reflect off of those windows. So, what you are seeing in this photo is the sunset reflecting off of the Minneapolis Skyline.

Cityscape - Minneapolis Skyline Sunset | William Drew Photography [5 Sunset Minneapolis Photos that You Need To See]


This second one was taken from a brand new spot for me. I was on top of a parking ramp on the east side of downtown. The view from this ramp has quickly become one of my favorite spots to photograph Minneapolis from. And in this case, there was a beautiful summer sunset in the background. Of course, the expensive and striking US Bank Stadium is the featured building in this view. 

Dusk and the City 2 - Sunset Minneapolis | William Drew Photography [5 Sunset Minneapolis Photos that You Need To See]


The third Sunset Minneapolis photo that I'm going to show you is from an early spring day that brought me to another of my favorite spots to photograph the Minneapolis Skyline. In this case, I was on Bridge No. 9, which used to be a train bridge and is not a bike and pedestrian bridge that spans the Mississippi River just east of downtown. The two bridges in the photo are the 10th Street Bridge and the colorful 35W bridge. I had first gone to the Stone Arch Bridge, and while there I noticed the city lit up in Red and Blue. I had forgotten it was the home opener for the Minnesota Twins, and the city has a history of lighting up in a teams colors for their home opener. I left the Stone Arch Bridge and raced over to this bridge in time to capture the colorful sunset in the background of the colorful city. 

Minnesota Twins 1 - Sunset Minneapolis | William Drew Photography [5 Sunset Minneapolis Photos that You Need To See]


This fourth one, I braved some very cold temps to get this photo. I shot this one during the first half of Super Bowl LII that was playing in US Bank Stadium. The temp was 5-below zero, with wind-chills being well below that. And of course, from this view, the bitterly cold winter wind was blowing right in my face while taking this and other photos. This view is what you see from Prospect Park and the Witches Hat Watertower. I wasn't inside the water tower, just the high vantage point that the tower sits on. The very colorful sunset and the purple and teal colors of Super Bowl LII make for a very colorful photograph. 

Super Bowl Sunset - Minneapolis Skyline Sunset | William Drew Photography


This last one of my five must-see Minneapolis Sunset Photographs was shot from an oddly named park that has a fantastic view. The park is named Ridgeway Parkway Park. Say that five times really fast. The view of Minneapolis is thankfully much better than the parks name. On this day, I knew I would be spending time in downtown St. Paul, then I would be heading back towards Minneapolis around sunset. So I brought my camera with me when I went to St. Paul. As I left, I realized that I might be running a bit late and getting to my desired spot might not happen. The sunset was already happening and the colors were spectacular, as you can see. Thankfully, right as I realized that I wouldn't make it in time to my preferred spot, I was right by the exit that would take me to Ridgeway Parkway Park. So I raced up there, grabbed my gear, and quickly set up to take some photos of the gorgeous sunset that was happening. For this photo, I tried a new technique. Well, it was new to me. I took several long exposures that captured the movement in the colorful clouds. I then blending those photos together to give the sky that painted look. This is a process that I hope to improve upon this year. 

Minneapolis Sunset - Minneapolis Skyline Sunset | William Drew Photography


So that's it. 5 Sunset Minneapolis Photos that you need to see.

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