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Have you ever wondered how a particular piece of art might look on your living room/kitchen/bedroom wall? 

You were leaning toward getting the art, but wondered if it didn't look quite right next to your other decor? 

What if the size wasn't quite right?  Or the colors?  So many questions and concerns.  

Wonder no more.

I am very pleased to announce that I now have a new tool for you in my web store to help answer all your "how will this artwork really look on my wall?" questions - Augmented Reality!

What is Augmented Reality?  Well, rather than get into all that, lets, get into what it can do for you.

Here's how it works:

1.  Go to my website on your smartphone or tablet.
2.  Tap on the gallery of art that you are interested in.  The image shown above is in the Minneapolis gallery. 
3. Choose the image you want.  The image shown is Minnesota Twins 1
4. Scroll down the page to "Live Preview."  Tap on it.
5.  Stand 10 feet away from any wall for proper scaling.
6.  Hold your phone up to the wall, and voilá!  There's my artwork on your wall!  No special app is needed.

Does the picture look too small?  Just hit the "+" symbol to scale it up in all available sizes, or tap "-" to shrink to a smaller size. 

You can also drag the artwork to place it exactly where you want it.

Once you get it where you want it, simply take a screenshot so you can save it for later. 

Isn't that just too cool?!  It takes almost all the guesswork out of choosing artwork.  

The only other concern is whether to have it printed on metal, canvas, paper, or any of the other print options that are available on my website.  

Now you can be confident that the artwork you choose will look just great wherever you wish to put it.  

Go ahead.  Start playing with this new tool, and fill those empty spots on your walls!


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