Best View of the Minneapolis Skyline at Sunset

Best Minneapolis Skyline View at Sunset - Minneapolis Skyline Art | William Drew Photography

It is not often that plans work out better than you expected, but on the day I captured this stunning sunset, that is exactly what happened. I don't often carry my camera around in my car when I am running errands as I don't want to run the risk of it tempting someone to break into my car. But on this particular day, I knew my errands would end near sunset and I would be near the Ridgeway Parkway Park. I had wanted to get to this park for a while as it has some great views of the Minneapolis skyline and it lines up nicely with the sunset most of the year. 

I finished my errands, and made my way to my favorite area of the park, and as soon as I was getting ready the sky just lit up like it was on fire. This is such a rare thing, to actually get some nice color when I am ready to photograph the sunset. So seeing the clouds light up like this put me on cloud nine. It took many photos of this wonderful scene making sure to get different looks with it. In addition to the one above where I photographed a close up of the city in front of those fire red clouds, I also took a wide view of the city. As you can see with the print below. I have not shared this one anywhere yet, so you are getting a first look at it right now. 

Minneapolis Sky on Fire - Minneapolis Skyline Wall Art | William Drew Photography

I then wanted to turn the city into a silhouette against that wonderful sky so I dialed down the settings and was able to capture this one:

Minneapolis Skyline Sunset Silhouette - Minneapolis Photographer | William Drew Photography

I hope you enjoy these Minneapolis sunset photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. It was certainly a great night of sunset viewing! You can click on any of the images to view it on my website.

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