Christmas Projections on Cinderella's Castle and Searchlights Too!

Christmas Scene 4 from Tomorrowland - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

The Christmas projections on Cinderella's Castle were absolutely amazing! Adding in all of the spotlights just made the scene even more magical. For me, the Christmas projections that they used were not quite as magical as the lights we have all grown used to, but these sure were amazing to see. 

This was the 4th of the four different projections that they used this past Christmas, and this was my favorite. The red and green were just so vibrant together in this scene, and I love those lights beaming up from behind the castle. 

I took this photo the first night that I spent in the Magic Kingdom during my December trip, and I spent about an hour standing on the bridge between the castle and Tomorrowland Terrace making sure I captured each of the four scenes. They rotated every 15 minutes so I had to spend that time standing there to get all four of them. The funny thing is I won't wait more than 20 minutes for a ride, but I have no problem standing in one spot for an hour or so when I know I can get a beautiful photo from it. 

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