The Minneapolis Photo That Waited Five Years for Me to Make.

Minneapolis Sunset Reflections - Skyline Art | William Drew Photography

Living one short block north of Minneapolis, I have often seen the sunsets reflect off the Minneapolis Skyline.  I see them as I drive by on Interstate 94. It is such a beautiful sight to see and each time I saw it I told myself to get my camera and find a place to photograph it from. With sunsets, if you are not already where you need to be, you will miss it by the time you get there. They change so fast and end pretty quick too. So I couldn't just change course and try and find a spot at a moments notice. The moment would pass before I found a spot. 

One beautiful summer evening here in Minneapolis, I was at the North Mississippi Regional Park with my camera in hand. The park has a restored prairie area that features native plants. They have beautiful flowers in shades of purple and gold. I was there during the golden hour so that the light from the lower sun could enhance the colors of the flowers. This park is in north Minneapolis right along the Mississippi River and is north of downtown. As sunset approached, the reflecting sunset memory found it's way to my active brain. I realized that if I wanted to get that shot of the sunset reflecting off of our downtown skyline, I had to go now. I had been thinking of this photo for five years. There was no time to wait. 

I raced to my car and used my phone to locate a spot that might work for capturing those reflections. I made the 5-minute drive, found a spot to park, and then the toughest part of that evening's journey happened. To get to my spot, I had to fight my way through a small strip of land. It had a steep slope and a boatload of prickers that all got stuck to my shoes and socks. But it was the perfect spot to capture those colors that reflect off the glass buildings. 

What happened next may not be the most colorful reflections I ever saw, but they were pretty dang good. It amazes me that I don't see more photos like this, but every photographer sees things a little bit differently. This is my favorite Minneapolis photograph that I have taken, and I have taken a lot of them. The colors reflecting back at me during this sunset were outstanding.

The taller buildings in the photo are the IDS Center, the Wells Fargo Center, and the partially hidden Capella Tower

I hope you enjoy this Minneapolis Fine Art Print, and please feel free to share it! 


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