Did You See The Vikings Stadium Lit Up in Packers Colors?

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune celebrated its 150-year Birthday on May 25th, 2017. In celebration of that, the city of Minneapolis went green. Not "green" in the sense that it switched to all clean energy. It went green in all of the decorative lights around the cities buildings. I was up at the Witches Hat to get this photo. The Witches Hat is a water tower that is inside a park known as Tower Park, which is inside another park named Prospect Park. The Witches Hat tower is the highest point in the city of Minneapolis and it gives a fantastic view of the cities skyline. The design of the water tower is what gives it the name of 'Witches Hat"

I had spent the day working up in Ely, Minnesota. This is a popular small town way up in northern Minnesota. It is about a 3.5-4 hour drive from my home in Minneapolis to get to and from Ely. I headed straight from Ely to the Witches Tower to get this shot as I was pretty sure the city would look pretty cool lit up in green.

As I was approaching the cities on my long drive, the clouds in the sky were giving me hope that there would be a great chance for a colorful sunset to go with the green lights. By the time I arrived at the park, those hopes were dashed as a band of rain clouds took over the western sky, blocking the view of the clouds that could have made for a colorful sunset.

My plan was to get photos shortly after sunset. At that time, the lights would all be on, and that is when the dusk sky is at it's most colorful. Even with the rain clouds, I stuck with that plan. I arrived at the park about 45-minutes before sunset and thought I'd just hang out in my car catching up on emails and messages that I received during the drive home. But that thought changed as right when I pulled up, I saw two other photographers head up the hill towards the water tower. Not wanting to miss having a good spot, I got out, grabbed my gear, and headed up the hill to join them.

Within five minutes of arriving, the number of photographers in the small area where the view is spectacular was over a half-dozen. By the time the sunset, there was well over a dozen other photographers up there. Us photographers are all kind of geeky like that, showing up for colorful events with our gear in hand.

Despite the approaching rain clouds, about 20-minutes after sunset, we did get a burst of pink in the clouds right along the horizon. That was all I needed to get the shot I was looking for. The IDS tower and the Capella Tower were both lit up in green lighting (they are both lit up in white most of the time). The Target headquarters had it's Northern Lights display on its colorful rooftop display. And US Bank Stadium also lit up in green. That fact turned into a bit of a joke as here we had the Minnesota Vikings stadium lit up in its arch rival Green Bay Packers colors. 

You can purchase this in fine art paper, canvas gallery wrap, or metal prints. I hope you enjoy this Minneapolis Fine Art photograph, and please feel free to share it! 


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